Education & Awareness

One of the most effective ways to ensure players gamble responsibly is to arm them with the information they need to make responsible choices. Increasing their understanding of what responsible gambling behaviour looks like and offering multiple opportunities to access information about the mechanics, odds and risks of gambling allows players to take their behaviour into their own hands.

The Canadian gaming industry's commitment to social responsibility is rooted in the philosophy that information is power. Each province spends millions of dollars a year on initiatives that work to transfer that power to adults over the age of majority, so that even those who gamble casually or first the first time have access to the resources they need to make responsible decisions. Initiatives that are leading the way in demonstrating the concept of informed player choice include:

  1. Mobile Access to Responsible Gambling Information (MARGI) - Developed by the Responsible Gambling Council, this interactive player information kiosk can be found in Ontario, Price Edward Island and Nova Scotia. It offers four interactive and engaging features to help improve players' understanding of gambling risks, the house advantage and ways to keep their play responsible. Players in Alberta have access to a similar kiosk, called a Player Awareness Terminal.
  2. Responsible Gambling Information / Resource Centres - These are distinct areas within a gaming facility that are dedicated exclusivity to offering responsible gambling information. Present in casinos and gaming centres in almost every province, open long hours and managed by knowledgable staff, these Centres offer players access to a wealth of information. Individuals can drop in if they have a question, have concerns about their gambling experience or want to obtain information for a family member or friend. Resources ranging from brochures to informative slot machine tutorials are available.
  3. Taking Risks is No Game - Front line staff are among the industry's biggest assets when it comes to player awareness and education, making staff training a critical component of any responsible gambling strategy. One of the most comprehensive training modules in Canada, this Quebec program has been delivered to hundreds of staff who work at licensed establishments with video lottery terminals. This program was one of the highlights that led Quebec to become one of the first two jurisdictions in the world (Nova Scotia being the second) to qualify at level 4 of the World Lottery Associations's internationally recognized responsible gambling standards.
  4. Responsible Gambling Awareness Week (RGAW) - In addition to the awareness-raising initiatives they employ throughout the year, both Nova Scotia and Alberta organize an annual RGAW. With activities ranging from community and open house events, speaking engagements, media pitches, multi-media campaigns, and in Nova Scotia, an international two-day conference, these weeks are focused on informing players and furthering industry knowledge and best practices.