Technology & Innovation

As is the case in almost any industry today, technology is having a significant impact on the gaming industry. New products, access points, loyalty programs, and player tools are cropping up every year as the potential to leverage technology becomes realized. Many operators and suppliers throughout Canada pride themselves on being innovative.

Much of that innovative thinking extends to providing players with information in dynamic, user-friendly and multi-dimensional ways. Technology is helping to foster social responsibility through advancements such as built-in product features, interactive education and web- or card-based information portals. Specific examples of technology-based commitments to responsible gambling include:

  1. GamePlan - This business information system created by Techlink Entertainment provides players with complete information about their gambling. Patented responsible gambling features take the concept of informed player choice to a whole new level. Players have access to the tools they need to play responsibly, including account summaries and details, self exclusion options and self-imposed spending limits. Following an extensive, multi-year research project, GamePlan has been installed on all video lottery terminals in Nova Scotia, giving players voluntary, card-based access to useful tools.
  2. GameSense - This multi-faceted, cohesive approach to player education was created by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC). It includes online information, interactive kiosks, information at point of sale, television advertisements, and more. What's unique about GameSense is that it ensures consistent information about responsible play is delivered throughout the province, across all product channels and environments, and solidifies BCLC's commitment to responsible gambling.
  3. iCare - A card-based system, iCare is an informed player choice and player protection tool used by the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation (SGC) in the casino environment. By tracking and analyzing play behaviours, iCare allows casino staff to interact with players whose play patterns are migrating away from being safe, responsible and entertaining. As part of the iCare program, the SGC also developed best practices for how staff should interact with players in these instances.
  4. GamTalk - This nationally supported online forum is a place where players can share their experiences, concerns and ideas. Whether they are concerned about their gambling behaviour, that of a loved one, or are just looking for ways to keep their gambling responsible, GamTalk is a valuable resource that is accessible 24/7. When launched in 2008, GamTalk was the only such forum available for players outside of the United Kingdom.