iGaming Ontario (iGO) released two documents late last week to introduce itself to prospective operators.

1. An overview of iGaming Ontario
2. Elements of the commercial agreement

iGaming Ontario has launched its own portal and is inviting prospective operators to download and sign an NDA.

To be eligible, the criteria below needs to apply:

  1. Intend to apply for registration as an iGaming Operator (as defined in the Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming); and
  2. Own or possess a controlling interest in certain Internet Gaming Sites; and
  3. Intend to discuss elements of a potential agreement with iGaming Ontario to enable the operator’s participation in the iGaming market conducted and managed by iGaming Ontario.

If you do sign the NDA, please be aware that there’s a blank “Schedule A” page at the end where iGaming Ontario would like you to list all the websites that the NDA will apply to.

If you have questions, please contact the CGA: [email protected]