Charitable gaming facilities are an important part of the economic and entertainment mix across the country.  Hundreds of shelters, children’s and amateur sports programs, health, disability, and education charities, and food programs rely on grants to provide their much-needed services, and are able to keep their doors open thanks to charitable gaming. In Ontario alone, this totals almost 3,000 charities.

The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) was proud to partner with the Commercial Gaming Association of Ontario to create the inaugural Community Gaming Conference held this just past January in Toronto. 

The conference was conceived and developed to address the unique issues charitable gaming in Canada is confronting. The industry is on the cusp of change. Thanks to technological advancements, bingo halls are transforming into charitable gaming centres and altering the entertainment experience for their customers. 

It was an energizing and informative experience for the more than 160 participants from across Canada who spent a day and half together, networking and participating in a wide range of sessions, keynotes and roundtable presentations dealing with crucial topics such as marketing, facility design and layout, and game technology.

CGA remains a strong supporter of charitable gaming and the benefits it brings to communities across the country. We look forward to working with the sector to develop an even more informative, content-packed conference next year.

If you were unable to attend please visit to see what you missed.