Bet on disagreement

Re Greater Toronto Should Say No To More Casinos (July 25): In 2015, Toronto City Council voted to accept an expanded gaming facility – with conditions – at Woodbine Racetrack.

While the process has been slow-moving, it has been moving forward. An operator will soon be selected, and serve as a catalyst for the first phase of developing hundreds of acres into a dynamic entertainment destination in northwest Toronto.

Almost 97 per cent of Ontarians who choose to gamble do so without experiencing negative consequences. I can extrapolate further and state that Ontario has more responsible adults than not, who are able to determine how much they want to spend on entertainment, be it at a restaurant, bar or yes, a casino.

I’m sure local governments and city councils are interested in the job creation and economic benefits associated with a revitalized gaming industry. Given what’s at stake (jobs, tourism, economic development) and what’s being proposed (investment in existing facilities), bluster is misplaced.

Paul Burns, CEO, Canadian Gaming Association

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