Regulatory Innovation in the Canadian Gaming Industry

The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) created the Regulatory Innovation Committee in 2019 as a platform for industry and gaming regulators to engage in two key areas:

  • Forward-looking regulatory innovation, such as the adoption of emerging technology for regulatory and compliance functions, and the changes in regulations required for the utilization of emerging technology in operations; and
  • Regulatory initiatives in the areas of harmonization and operational efficiency.
The Committee recognized "cashless wagering systems" as a potential modernization which could enhance the customer's experiences in land-based facilities.
After several iterations, the draft standards were sent to industry stakeholders for review and comment. FINTRAC and the Responsible Gambling Council were also consulted.
The Standards were finalized in November 2020 (Standards for Cashless Systems) and distributed to regulators across Canada. The CGA will hold information sessions with lottery corporations and operators in 2021.
The Regulatory Innovation Committee included:
  • 6 representatives from provincial regulators;
  • 2 industry suppliers; and
  • 1 casino operator.

In 2021, the Committee will move on to develop specific Canadian standards to support single-event sport and event wagering.

A PDF of the standards is posted below.

thumbnail of CGA_Standards_Cashless_Systems_2020