The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) was incorporated nationally in 2005 by a group of founding members who recognized the need for a national voice to represent the Canadian gaming industry.

At that time, gaming was coming under constant attack in the media and by the public. The industry had no coherent strategy to respond, no information or facts to counter the misinformation, and no spokesperson or champion.

A quick check of its website, at, reveals a wealth of gaming industry information, proprietary research and studies to broaden the public’s knowledge and understanding of how gaming positively impacts Canadians and contributes to the Canadian economy.

For example, did you know that gaming in Canada is a considerable pillar of the broader hospitality industry and a significant generator of jobs and income? 

CGA’s mandate is to foster a better understanding of Canada’s $16-billion gaming industry by providing facts and information to the public, elected officials, and key decision makers through education and advocacy.

CGA regularly undertakes a broad range of actions to highlight the issues that are important to the Canadian gaming industry, including:

  • Dialoguing with media across Canada on a host of issues including Bill C-290 (sports betting legislation), the fate of the horseracing industry, and the strength and size of the industry
  • Commissioning independent research
  • Appearing at international conferences
  • Hosting receptions bringing industry representatives and stakeholders together
  • Crossing the country to brief industry participants and stakeholders
  • Issuing news releases to announce milestones, share information, and refute misinformation
  • Publishing op-eds and letters to the editor

Since inception CGA has consistently pressed for awareness and change, has become the “go to” source for facts and information and is widely accepted a respected leading industry spokesperson and champion.