The Canadian Gaming Association (“CGA” or the “Association”) was established “to advance the evolution of Canada’s gaming industry” and the Association values its reputation for integrity. We expect our Directors, Officers, and Members to promote our purpose and uphold our guiding principles:

  • We believe in gaming as a legitimate form of entertainment and a positive contributor to our communities
  • We promote responsible use of our industry’s products
  • We are Canada-wide and nationally focused
  • We balance the interests of our various stakeholders
  • We seek insights to help the industry innovate

The CGA’s purpose is to advocate on behalf of the gaming industry and its members, and the Association conducts business in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

Further, it is the CGA’s policy to conduct business with integrity, consistent with the highest ethical principles. In applying for membership to the CGA and as a CGA member, you, on behalf of the applicant or member agree to:

  • Abide by applicable laws, rules, and regulations in your business operations
  • Deal honestly and fairly with the CGA and other members
  • Safeguard the confidential business information of the CGA and other members that is gained through membership in the CGA
  • Uphold and promote the purpose and guiding principles of the CGA

Violations of the CGA Member Code of Conduct will be referred to the Executive Committee of the CGA’s Board of Directors. Disciplinary actions may include the suspension or termination of membership.

Having read and understood the CGA Member Code of Conduct and the Association’s by-laws, I agree on behalf of the prospective member company to act in accordance with these policies and principles.