National Education Initiative

As part of our mandate, the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) initiated dialogue with various parties regarding the feasibility of developing a national approach to industry training and education. Out of those initial conversations came the plan to undertake a national needs assessment, which was communicated to the industry at large at the 2016 Canadian Gaming Summit in Gatineau/Ottawa. The purpose of the needs assessment was to identify challenges and determine whether or not there was an appetite for a more cohesive and centered approach to training for the Canadian gaming industry.

To undertake the assessment CGA partnered with the Sault Ste. Marie Education Partners (Sault College, Algoma University and Sault Innovation Center- SSMEP), and engaged Marinelli and Flynn Gaming Advisors (MFGA) to conduct it. CGA and MFGA together developed the methodology and approach, including developing a questionnaire and identifying key organizations and individuals to be interviewed.

A total of 20 interviews with gaming professionals were conducted and 24 questionnaires were received.