(TORONTO – March 1, 2007) Canadians can continue to play their games of chance with confidence the President of the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) said today.

“Trust is the cornerstone of the gaming business and Canadians should be comfortable in knowing that gaming devices are carefully screened by provincial agencies to ensure the integrity of the games”, said CGA President William Rutsey.

Mr. Rutsey was commenting on a CBC news report questioning the operation of three Konami Gaming video slot machines.Earlier this week Konami announced its intention to sue the CBC for the misinformation contained in its newscast.

“Gaming devices are not programmed or designed to display subliminal messages. No gaming manufacturer would do something like this,’ said Rutsey. “It is unethical and it would place manufacturers’ licenses at risk in jurisdictions around the world. This was simply a technical glitch and Konami has provided conversion kits to correct the problem,” Rutsey added.

Gaming Laboratories International, Inc., the largest and most respected independent testing lab in the world confirmed that the invalid graphical display occurs for one fifth of a second, is not visible to the human eye and can only be seen when the game is videotaped and then stepped thru on a frame-by-frame basis.The invalid graphic only occurs prior to the reel spin, and most importantly, has no bearing on the random number generator or the outcome of the game.

Gaming equipment manufacturers (including Konami) together with all gaming industry participants place the integrity of the industry and customer trust and confidence above all else.The Canadian gaming industry operates under strict licensing and testing standards overseen by provincial regulatory agencies.

“We will continue to work with our members, provincial agencies and regulators to ensure that the public has the facts that it needs to ensure that trust and confidence are maintained,” said Rutsey.

The Canadian Gaming Association represents industry leading operators manufacturers, suppliers and others nation-wide.

For more information on the CGA, visit or contact Paul Burns at (416) 579-3922.

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