The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) is a not-for-profit organization that works to advance the evolution of Canada’s gaming industry. The association’s mandate is to promote the economic value of gaming in Canada; use research, innovation, and best practices to help the industry advance; and create productive dialogue among stakeholders.

CGA is a primary source of information on gaming in Canada, providing accurate industry data and assisting in the development of industry-wide programs and approaches for relevant and critical issues.


Membership Benefits

None of our work could be done without the support of our members. In return, the CGA offers substantial benefits:

  1. Relationships
    CGA operates on a first name basis with most lottery and gaming senior management, gaming regulators, bureaucrats, political staffers, and politicians responsible for gaming across the country, and meets regularly with elected officials to discuss gaming-related issues. We are often consulted on a confidential basis to discuss proposed strategies and policies and can represent industry viewpoints on behalf of our members who may not wish to be directly involved. Members also work together to forge alliances and strategies to deal with specific circumstances.
  2. Advocacy
    Since its inception, the CGA has been at the forefront of many important issues, which include the Television Bureau of Canada advertising guidelines as they relate to gaming (Nova Scotia was the first province to suggest a restriction on gaming advertising, and there was risk that it would spread across Canada until successfully resolved by the CGA); FINTRAC reporting requirements for the casino gaming industry; defeating a bill in Parliament that would have restricted gaming devices to facilities of a certain (and larger) size; the development of new AGCO operating standards and regulations; proposed legalization of single-event sports betting; and representing the industry publicly and responding to various media inaccuracies and attacks.
  3. Research
    CGA commissions and publishes proprietary research addressing such matters as public attitudes and opinions, responsible gambling, and economic development.
  4. Networking and Communication
    CGA co-owns (with MediaEdge Communications) the Canadian Gaming Summit and Canadian Gaming Business magazine.  CGA has expanded its roster of communications channels to include a website (, electronic newsletter, and Twitter account (@CanadianGaming).

Membership Fees

GAMING OPERATORS - Casino / Online / Horseracing / Provincial Lottery & Gaming Corporations
Annual Fee-CDN Dollars Basis of Dues - Global Gross Gaming Revenue
$50,000 Greater Than $1 Billion Includes:

  • Licensed online and land based gaming operators
$40,000 $500 Million to $999 Million
$30,000 $250 Million to $499 Million
$25,000 Less Than $250 Million
GAMING SUPPLIERS - Gaming Related Equipment & Services
Annual Fee-CDN Dollars Basis of Dues - Global Annual Revenue
$50,000 Greater Than $750 Million Includes:

  • Licensed suppliers of gaming machines and tables
  • Gaming systems and related technology
$35,000 $250 Million to $749 Million
$15,000 $50 Million to $249 Million
$7,500 Less Than $50 Million
Annual Fee-CDN Dollars Membership Type
$7,500 Financial Institutions
$5,000 Consulting & Professional Services
$5,000 Law Firms

*Fees begin at $3,500

Non-Gaming B2B Vendor Business types include:

  • Food & beverage
  • Suppliers uniforms
  • Entertainment
  • Hotel supplies
  • Facility equipment and services
$2,500 Associations